Labor and Civil Rights History Archives in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects has an amazing set of historical records, photographs, and newspapers tracing labor and civil rights movements along the West Coast, with focuses on Seattle and San Francisco. Featuring multitude of resources including Labor History Encyclopedia, Communism in Washington State, and Civil Rights Movements in Seattle, there’s a ton of […]

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Colonel Pudg’ums

From time to time, I will suddenly be overtaken with the urge to “go stalk some birds” near Union Bay. Belatedly charging my camera batteries and finding my lenses, I head off across campus in search of some flight-capable animals. The initial goal of photographing them is often sidetracked by their seemingly cacophony of sounds, […]

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WebAlpine Easter Egg

This is probably of interest to those who a) are currently a student, staff, or faculty at the UW, b) use UW Deskmail for their e-mail, and c) check their e-mail using WebAlpine. Regardless, while at work today I found an easter egg in WebAlpine today. To view it, follow these easy steps: Navigate to […]

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The evil giant octopus Ecthelion

In my Astronomy outreach class last quarter, one of our quizzes for the class contained a question where we had to make up a constellation, explain what it looked like, and created a back story behind it. They range from the slightly tasty: Zeus’ daughter made him his favorite cupcake one day. She wanted to […]

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IMAP Creator vs. UW: The Hidden Tale?

From: [redacted] To: Alpine-info <> Subject: [Alpine-info] The saga of Sir Crispin vs the UW (maybe) Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 10:14:58 -0600 (MDT) Sender: User-Agent: Alpine 2.00 (OSX 1167 2008-08-23) I was reading a Slashdot RSS article entitled “Extracting Meaning From Millions of Pages” which turns out to be about Googles contribution to […]

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Mythological Battle for

As seen on the tech-support mailing list: [redacted] Thu Jun 18 22:18:53 PDT 2009 Once upon a time, there was waged a great battle between Educause and (then) C&C, the result of which was the acquisition of There was much hemming & hawing and mad twinkles in mad eyes. Win this one victory, […]

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Concrete Bench

The lawn in front of the oldest building on campus contains greying concrete benches of old. Slowly eroding away and sinking into the Earth, the smattering of benches on the hill might resemble tombstones to a distant eye. A weary student might take a break on one of these moss encrusted relics. Perhaps looking around, […]

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