Seahawks Care-O-Meter

Despite my well documented love for Husky Football, I’m usually rather lethargic about the Seahawks. Sure, I’ll watch them when I get the chance, but more often than not I’ll discover that they played when I’m checking the Seattle Times at the end of the day. That doesn’t stop me from offering forth comments about their performance, […]

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At The End of the Husky Game

(04:49:31 PM) Oz in theWired: GOD DAMNIT (04:49:55 PM) Nikky: nice (04:50:12 PM) Oz in theWired: god fucking damnit (04:50:26 PM) Nikky: we suck (04:50:37 PM) Nikky: winning is like one of our least favorite things to do (04:50:44 PM) Oz in theWired: hahahahaha (04:50:48 PM) Oz in theWired: epic win on that comment

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