There’s something to be said for the naming scheme and ultimate retro-awesome of this traffic control box. Sign found in a little park by 520 in Montlake.

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Messing with Trader Joes Customers

The customers at the U-District Trader Joe’s in Seattle are an oddly-stressed bunch of students, employees, and housewives. They’re often terse, slightly confused, and more often than not extremely cranky. So I naturally like to mess with them in small controlled experiments. Here’s one of my favourites. Setup Go to Trader Joe’s in a mid-afternoon […]

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Historic Railroad Hike

Sean, Serene, and I went on a series of hikes this weekend to the Snohomish/Granite Falls area: Lime Kiln and Old Robe Canyon. The former roughly followed an old railway grade, whereas the latter closely traced the ruins of a railway abandoned in the early 1930s as the owners finally gave up trying to maintain […]

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Seahawks Care-O-Meter

Despite my well documented love for Husky Football, I’m usually rather lethargic about the Seahawks. Sure, I’ll watch them when I get the chance, but more often than not I’ll discover that they played when I’m checking the Seattle Times at the end of the day. That doesn’t stop me from offering forth comments about their performance, […]

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Crime! Theft! Stolen Property!

After debating and discussing the acquisition of televisions for months, Serene and I finally found the willpower and action plan to go to Fry’s and goddamn it, buy TVs so we could play Playstation 3 and watch Netflix until our brains exploded. And by “Netflix” I meant “Deep Space 9.” And it was good. MGS4ing […]

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