Finally getting around to reading Naked by David Sedaris, I was drawn to his narrative regarding his smoking addiction. While I expect my lungs would explode if I took up cigs, I realised that I had a similar habit that I needed to kick. I’ve been gnawing on my fingers for as long as I […]

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Bright Lights In The Fog

During the dark Winter months, I frequently find myself on the seemingly abandoned Bremerton-Seattle ferry. If one sits on the Southern-facing side of the ship, they are rewarded with a blinking beacon from the Alki Lighthouse in the distance. It’s not the brightest light ever, and is certainly not on any sort of fancy blinking […]

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After The Last Paper: Raw

After turning in my last final paper as an undergrad, I wrote this. Below is the full, unedited text: I just turned in my final paper a few minutes ago for Scandinavian 445, and with that I’m done with my undergraduate degree. After shuffling up the stairs at Raitt hall I went outside to my […]

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