Finally getting around to reading Naked by David Sedaris, I was drawn to his narrative regarding his smoking addiction. While I expect my lungs would explode if I took up cigs, I realised that I had a similar habit that I needed to kick. I’ve been gnawing on my fingers for as long as I […]

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I’ve come to the realization that I am way behind on life today. My case: 1) Working 30 hours a week. Which in itself is not out particulary bad, but…. 2) Reading roughly 1000 pages of 8.5″x11″ pages regarding EU and Italian Law, and another book regarding immigration law. 3) Taking a week off of […]

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Nikky from A-Z

Normally I don’t fill these out, but this one is slightly more creative than most. A – Age: 20 B – Bed size: Full in Seattle, twin at home. C – Chore you hate: Anything that smells or requires me to get dirty. D – Dog’s name: Lucy.

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Woke up, watched Contessa Brewer on MSNBC yell about how stupid Republicans are, ate Tillamook Chocolate Landslide ice cream with whipped cream, watched Cops, went to Group Health, and watching Maury while messing around with photos. Today is pretty sweet.

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Driving In Haiti

Let us explore the US Department of State’s travel page for Americans visiting Haiti. They aren’t pulling any punches here. The first sentence consists of”Haiti is one of the least developed and least stable countries in the Western Hemisphere.” Allrighty, well, how’s the crime? “There are no “safe areas” in Haiti.” Thanks State Department. “Reports […]

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At The End of the Husky Game

(04:49:31 PM) Oz in theWired: GOD DAMNIT (04:49:55 PM) Nikky: nice (04:50:12 PM) Oz in theWired: god fucking damnit (04:50:26 PM) Nikky: we suck (04:50:37 PM) Nikky: winning is like one of our least favorite things to do (04:50:44 PM) Oz in theWired: hahahahaha (04:50:48 PM) Oz in theWired: epic win on that comment

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(10:33:09 PM) nikky/Home7EF30603: Eddy. (10:33:26 PM) nikky7EF30603: The new arrangement is just what I’ve been picturing forever. (10:33:31 PM) Eddy: Hey (10:33:39 PM) nikky/Home7EF30603: And I’m also going insane with these steroids. (10:33:57 PM) nikky/Home7EF30603: So if something is abnormal when you return, don’t panic. (10:34:10 PM) nikky/Home7EF30603: I probably had what I felt was […]

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