I am not alone anymore!

So Bethany (my roommate) has recently introduced me to the wonder that is Psych on USA. It’s a lovely show…but slightly irrelevant to this post. After a very long convoluted process that started with Psych, I get to the Monk website (yet another crime type comedy show on USA about an obsessive compulsive detective) and […]

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it sucks… a lot Particularly when – 25% of your grade rides on the exam – Your teacher changes the number of questions from 20 to 16 – You go over the problem at least 8 times, and you still can’t get the right answer, yet the next question(with the same format) you have no […]

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So I go down to the market today to buy some snacky type foods. I find some mandarin oranges, and I pick up a Cup O’ Noodles because I recently ate my last one (The creamy chicken is the best). I round the corner to the chip isle…the deadly pit of all things greasy, salty, […]

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Lazy swallow flying homeward Watch the river wind back slowly to the sea Oh my soul is waiting patiently Will you ever find your way back home to me Somewhere I lost on the journey Of a love that one was slayed somwhere in time Oh my love my heart is aching for you Will […]

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Football:Men::Childbirth:Women ???

Katycicle says: I’m reading an article about women and sports Katycicle says: and it’s comparing football and childbirth  Nikky says: heh Katycicle says: and says that for a woman to “enter successfully into the symbolism of football” she should be a “mans woman”  Nikky says: Katy Katycicle says: such as a prostitute, casino girl or […]

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Rodents Gone Wild II

Katycicle says: Tell me a story? Nikky says: okay Nikky says: Lenny the squirrel was your average small rodent Nikky says: he liked women, nuts, and hibernation Nikky says: but Lenny’s normal life was about to change forever Nikky says: for you see, while at the local nut bar (not as homosexual as you might […]

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