King Gun

I wrote this a day or two after the Colorado Theater Massacre when I was pissed enough that I needed to put something down on some virtual paper. I haven’t edited it at all, and I’m not sure if it even makes much sense now. I’m closing comments on this one. Are you angry? Because […]

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Kitsap Sounding Board

Our local newspaper put together a bunch of people of different political affiliations into a “sounding baord” of issues and topics that are relevant to those who live in this nation, state and on West Puget Sound in particular. After the Obama nomination speech and their “live blog,” only the 30+ Republican side bothered to […]

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Worst Essay Ever

I found this on a site I occasionally troll, and it’s so bad, so flawed, so poorly written… I just had to feature it on the wall of shame. Communism sucks. For all of you who like communism it is time to see why it does not work. Your re-education starts now. First just about […]

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