View of Polaroids

When I was growing up, I had a Polaroid camera that I used on random occasions when I didn’t feel like using the traditional 35mm film camera for some unknown reason. After beginning the process to clean up my room at home, I found a cache of saved pictures taken with this camera. There were […]

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Colonel Pudg’ums

From time to time, I will suddenly be overtaken with the urge to “go stalk some birds” near Union Bay. Belatedly charging my camera batteries and finding my lenses, I head off across campus in search of some flight-capable animals. The initial goal of photographing them is often sidetracked by their seemingly cacophony of sounds, […]

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A Dunk in the Swamp

Today was a beautiful May in Western Washington: Sunny with a spot of clouds, a nice breeze, and not too hot. Eddy and I decided it was simply an impossible day to spend indoors, so we decided to meander down to the Montlake area and explore the waterfront in front of UW and then go […]

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