Historic Railroad Hike

Sean, Serene, and I went on a series of hikes this weekend to the Snohomish/Granite Falls area: Lime Kiln and Old Robe Canyon. The former roughly followed an old railway grade, whereas the latter closely traced the ruins of a railway abandoned in the early 1930s as the owners finally gave up trying to maintain […]

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To be a mushroom

It must be pretty sweet being a mushroom. They get to sit around all day in moist environments that aren’t too warm. Occasionally, according to myths, frogs will jump on you and chill out for a while on your fungus-y tendrils. And when it’s almost dark out, you start shining with a really weird glow […]

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Classic Photo Log: A Beginning

One of the projects I’ve always wanted to work on was scanning all of our family photos into digital format. Now that I actually have a) time, and b) money, I’ve bulked up on storage, scanning capabilities, and computer monitors in preparation of this project. My great-grandfather, George, was an avid photographer, and I inherited […]

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View of Polaroids

When I was growing up, I had a Polaroid camera that I used on random occasions when I didn’t feel like using the traditional 35mm film camera for some unknown reason. After beginning the process to clean up my room at home, I found a cache of saved pictures taken with this camera. There were […]

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Colonel Pudg’ums

From time to time, I will suddenly be overtaken with the urge to “go stalk some birds” near Union Bay. Belatedly charging my camera batteries and finding my lenses, I head off across campus in search of some flight-capable animals. The initial goal of photographing them is often sidetracked by their seemingly cacophony of sounds, […]

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