East Coast Spring 2016

United States history was the theme this year on our spring vacation as we charted a course through Boston, New York City, and Williamsburg, Virginia. Taking the trip to the airport is normally a Bus->Link transfer, but with the new Linkstation completed, we got to ride the train directly from the new station directly to […]

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Pondering on Travel Photos

Note: Yes, it’s another post that was written ages ago and never published! Now revel in the glory of it and the questionable quality within! We’ve all done it: gone on a trip somewhere and then spit out a few hundred snapshots to post online. Except you’ll never look at these again, and nobody else will either. […]

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There’s something to be said for the naming scheme and ultimate retro-awesome of this traffic control box. Sign found in a little park by 520 in Montlake.

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Labor and Civil Rights History Archives in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects has an amazing set of historical records, photographs, and newspapers tracing labor and civil rights movements along the West Coast, with focuses on Seattle and San Francisco. Featuring multitude of resources including Labor History Encyclopedia, Communism in Washington State, and Civil Rights Movements in Seattle, there’s a ton of […]

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Shooting with high-quality film on a mid-70s SLR truly is wonderful. It only makes sense to take pictures of older relics as well. And maybe some timeless subjects. Such as a sentinel of light.

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Historic Railroad Hike

Sean, Serene, and I went on a series of hikes this weekend to the Snohomish/Granite Falls area: Lime Kiln and Old Robe Canyon. The former roughly followed an old railway grade, whereas the latter closely traced the ruins of a railway abandoned in the early 1930s as the owners finally gave up trying to maintain […]

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To be a mushroom

It must be pretty sweet being a mushroom. They get to sit around all day in moist environments that aren’t too warm. Occasionally, according to myths, frogs will jump on you and chill out for a while on your fungus-y tendrils. And when it’s almost dark out, you start shining with a really weird glow […]

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Classic Photo Log: A Beginning

One of the projects I’ve always wanted to work on was scanning all of our family photos into digital format. Now that I actually have a) time, and b) money, I’ve bulked up on storage, scanning capabilities, and computer monitors in preparation of this project. My great-grandfather, George, was an avid photographer, and I inherited […]

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