Crime! Theft! Stolen Property!

After debating and discussing the acquisition of televisions for months, Serene and I finally found the willpower and action plan to go to Fry’s and goddamn it, buy TVs so we could play Playstation 3 and watch Netflix until our brains exploded. And by “Netflix” I meant “Deep Space 9.” And it was good. MGS4ing […]

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Mind Games

At one point in our evolution, humanity, or our immediate progenitors, gained the ability to read minds. This, of course, caused great chaos and violence: for I assume that humanity would take advantage of this ability by killing everyone we didn’t like. So we then created full brain encryption. Our thoughts were now pure random […]

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After The Last Paper: Raw

After turning in my last final paper as an undergrad, I wrote this. Below is the full, unedited text: I just turned in my final paper a few minutes ago for Scandinavian 445, and with that I’m done with my undergraduate degree. After shuffling up the stairs at Raitt hall I went outside to my […]

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I’ve come to the realization that I am way behind on life today. My case: 1) Working 30 hours a week. Which in itself is not out particulary bad, but…. 2) Reading roughly 1000 pages of 8.5″x11″ pages regarding EU and Italian Law, and another book regarding immigration law. 3) Taking a week off of […]

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Plant ER: The Doctor Is In

I woke up today, and something was not normal. Half of my pictures were on the floor instead of their usual place on the wall, and there was more. Something else… missing. When I was about to leave for work, it hit me. My plant. Had disappeared. The faithful plant I regularly watered, talked to, […]

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A Dunk in the Swamp

Today was a beautiful May in Western Washington: Sunny with a spot of clouds, a nice breeze, and not too hot. Eddy and I decided it was simply an impossible day to spend indoors, so we decided to meander down to the Montlake area and explore the waterfront in front of UW and then go […]

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