September Film Comeback

Between getting ready for Scandinavia, the actual trip, and the fact that I lack a TV, movie going was slow. * = Terrible ** = Had some redeem­ing qual­i­ties, but prob­a­bly would not watch again. *** = Rec­om­mended movie with some flaws. **** = Perfection American Psycho ** It was a fun movie to watch, but it didn’t seem […]

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Beware the Movies of March

* = Terrible ** = Had some redeeming qualities, but probably would not watch again. *** = Recommended movie with some flaws. **** = Perfection The Big Lebowski *** Better than I was led to believe by many, I found this an entertaining that owes a large part of its success to the outstanding acting […]

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January **

Another month, another movie review! These are films that I have never seen before, and decided to watch them based on a) cultural significance, b) recommended by a friend, or c) looked interesting. Last December, I claimed that my rating system was something like “One star is ‘ter­ri­ble’ and 4 stars is ‘most amaz­ing thing in […]

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