The Five Year Eye Followup

It recently occurred to me that its been around five years since I suddenly lost a lot of central vision in one of my eyes. I’ve often heard that the brain is fairly remarkable with regards to how it can adjust to visual discrepancies over time, and I certainly can subscribe to that after experiencing […]

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April Updates

Had an appointment with Dr. Mudumbai a week ago. He said it looked better, but the deposits on my retina which is messing with my vision are clearing away slower than he would have liked. Regardless, it’s a slow process, he said, and if it didn’t look better in two months I’d get some drops […]

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Spring quarter starts later today. Still taking antibiotics. Nothing else really worth talking about.

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Pontential Infection Vector?

Remember that ubiquitous lanyard that I always have on me which is attached to the ID holder and keys? That lanyard that is never washed or cleaned and I always twirl through my fingers, chew on, and play with? That lanyard which I dangled for Reno to play with and gnaw on? Yeah, I suspect […]

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Medical Updates and Diagnosis

Hello Everyone- (Note: This is longer than I initially intended. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, it basically says that the eye issue was caused by an infection, and it isn’t sarcoid. And also that I’m still alive.) In case you didn’t already know, the surgery went well and I’m healing up […]

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