Mythological Battle for

As seen on the tech-support mailing list: [redacted] Thu Jun 18 22:18:53 PDT 2009 Once upon a time, there was waged a great battle between Educause and (then) C&C, the result of which was the acquisition of There was much hemming & hawing and mad twinkles in mad eyes. Win this one victory, […]

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Some kind of AIM spam/IM bot. (09:39:04 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Hey. (09:41:43 PM) Nikky: Hi (09:42:34 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Hello! (09:43:38 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Ah, I just made a WHEEL OF FORTUNE mail. That must be why it IM’d you. (09:44:11 PM) Nikky: WHEEL OF FORTUNE, eh? (09:44:17 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Yep! (09:44:23 PM) Nikky: i here u liek […]

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Internet Meme Dream from Hell

[10:47:33] < Brambles> i had the strangest dream [10:47:55] < Brambles> so [10:47:59] < Brambles> it was at the olympics [10:48:07] < Brambles> opening ceremony or something [10:48:31] < Brambles> and they did an ‘internet voted upon thing’ [10:48:54] < Brambles> so the stage lights up, and a whole line of 10′ tall lolcats walk […]

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A Quartet of Pictures

I don’t usually take many pictures on a daily basis–my normal camera is too big to carry around with me, and I generally distrust my phone’s camera–I’m using “camera” in a very liberal sense. However, I do occasionally take some pictures of things that amuse me, and these are four random scenes I’ve encountered in […]

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