On Dating and Nerds

(On the bus discussing the topic of being single vs. in a relationship) Nikky: “If I’m single, I can play Civ V on one monitor, and watch Deep Space Nine on the other.” Serene: “You’re such a nerd. But Winter is coming and it’s cold outside: wouldn’t you need cuddling?” Nikky: “If I’m doing those […]

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Quotable Quotes

Some days, you just feel like quoting yourself. Here are some random ones from last night that amused me. In no particular order, and most likely out of context. < nikky> Rattlers are on the eastern side of the state. < nikky> Which is like… Confederate States of Washington. < nikky> We don’t talk about […]

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America! Hell yeah!

[13:20:29] < nikky> I think we should all acknowledge for a moment the greatest gifts America has bestowed upon the world. [13:20:43] <@chronomex> Starbucks [13:20:44] < nikky> Nuclear power [13:20:49] < nikky> The internet [13:20:51] <@chronomex> Legos [13:20:52] < nikky> Spam [13:20:54] < Barrett> kites in afghanistan [13:21:01] < nikky> Airplanes [13:21:13] <@chronomex> 4chan [13:21:18] […]

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