MiG-25: Sovietest of the Soviet

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 It’s big. It’s fast. It’s the apex of mid-1960s Soviet interceptor technology. It’s the MiG-25 Foxbat. Capable of sustained Mach 2.5 flight, this heavy interceptor could be pushed to over Mach 3.2 with the risk of permanently melting its turbines. Made in response to the rising speed of American strategic bombers, and before […]

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B-58 Hustler: best named aircraft?

Meet the Convair B-58 Hustler Nice looking plane, isn’t it? Capable of going Mach 2 and designed as a supersonic bomber, the Hustler was only in operational service for a little under a decade: from 1960 through 1970. See that pod under the cockpit and running along the main body? That’s the external bomb bay. […]

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Labor and Civil Rights History Archives in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects has an amazing set of historical records, photographs, and newspapers tracing labor and civil rights movements along the West Coast, with focuses on Seattle and San Francisco. Featuring multitude of resources including Labor History Encyclopedia, Communism in Washington State, and Civil Rights Movements in Seattle, there’s a ton of […]

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Classic Photo Log: A Beginning

One of the projects I’ve always wanted to work on was scanning all of our family photos into digital format. Now that I actually have a) time, and b) money, I’ve bulked up on storage, scanning capabilities, and computer monitors in preparation of this project. My great-grandfather, George, was an avid photographer, and I inherited […]

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View of Polaroids

When I was growing up, I had a Polaroid camera that I used on random occasions when I didn’t feel like using the traditional 35mm film camera for some unknown reason. After beginning the process to clean up my room at home, I found a cache of saved pictures taken with this camera. There were […]

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Old Site Posts

I finally found a good database dump from my old news archive structure, and after a few minor tweaking and some hacks, the old news posts are now integrated into this site. If you amble over to the archives, anything from October 2006 and earlier are from the old site.

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