Looks like America Lost

So apparentally the flag is at half staff today to honor the victims of a terrorist attack on sovereign US soil. But instead we should redesign the flag. Maybe show the FBI logo instead. Because what it stands for are burning into thin air.

No government interference or intrusion into our private business? I can remember when we used to believe in that.

We lost a few thousand citizens on 9/11, and since then another attack has yet to materialze on American soil, but the terrorists still won.

Air travel is now a nightmare. Civil liberties are fading fast. Executive power is stronger than ever, with little oversight from other branches. America taking a huge hit abroad by fighting a needless war. We even torture enemy combatants in Cuba–an area where the Constitution is claimed not to exist.

Win the war on terror? No, we lost it.

How Dare You

We face difficult times as a nation. Our economy is failing, our prestige in the world is fading, and our military is stretched almost to its breaking point. So it might seem natural to take away funding from that socialistic boondoggle known as “public welfare” and use it to buy some shiny new jet instead. After all, your fiscal conservative might say, “it’s their own fault they got themselves in that situation.”

But what I’ve had the privilege over the past two and a half years is to see this side of our nation. To see those less fortunate, down on their luck, or just plain made a bad choice. And what I have to say is how dare you make those judgments. How dare you use phrases like “welfare mothers.” How dare you say it’s their own problem. And how dare you say you’re outraged when a modicum of taxes are spent on improving someone’s life beside your own. You want outrage? You’ve got it.

I challenge you to tell the 98 year old widow-a woman who is able to keep her home tidy and take care of herself-that she doesn’t deserve a zero-interest loan to help fix up her house. A loan that will let her stay in her beloved house without having to worry about her failing septic system and that forced her to use a port-o-potty in the lawn.

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