Adventure in the Alps

For our vacation this year, Tracey and I decided to go on a more hike-oriented trip through the Alps. Hitching a ride on one of our My Way Alpine Tours, we packed our bags, left scorching Seattle, and started our adventure in even more scorching Salzburg! The itinerary roughly went East-to-West, and is likely best visualized […]

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Exploring Eastern Europe: Slovakia

Slovakians are the country cousins of the industrial Czechs. Once mashed together into Czechoslovakia by the Soviets, these regions have once again split off into independent nations. We didn’t spend much time in Slovakia: only a few hours between Poland and Hungary in the Tatra Mountains. Despite our short time there, we did make some […]

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The Angst of Touring

One of the perks for working where I do is that I can hop on any of our many tours for free, and my significant other can go as well for essentially very little cost. I figured it may be a good idea to see what our tours are all about since they’re a significant […]

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Copenhagen: Actually Quite Cool

Admittedly, Copenhagen was the city that I wasn’t expecting to spend much time in: I was advocating another day in Stockholm and just kind of briefly touching Copenhagen before heading off for home. Thankfully I was overruled. As previously mentioned, we took the train to Copenhagen and arrived at central station at 7:30am. On a […]

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Interlude: The Train of Hate

Continuing the trend of taking transportation+ accommodation trips, Brian and I took it upon ourselves to find and book the train from Stockholm->Copenhagen that was an overnight trip. Rick Steves claimed it existed, but we weren’t so sure. This train seemed to be some mystical creation that didn’t actually exist on any site. After fighting […]

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