Naked Lunch: Abject Insanity

Naked Lunch William S. Burroughs My uncle always has found really interesting books for me to read. No genre could be excluded from the books he lends me: obscure sci-fi, dense fiction, or subversive texts are all expected and subsequently consumed by my “innocent” mind. I had received “Naked Lunch” for my birthday last year, but finally came to […]

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Reading Recap: Dinosaurs, Valve Software, and General Oddishness

Oddishness? Google claims there are only 15,800 instances of the word “Oddishness” on the internet. I’ll leave it up for debate if this is a) an expected number, or b) grossly exaggerated. As previously noted, I’ve started spooling up my reading quota from the earlier production of roughly one book completed per month. I’ll start jabbering […]

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Gettin’ My Books On

Movies are Totally Last Year Since graduation from college a couple of years ago, I’ve focused on getting up to speed with the popular culture centered around these things known as “moving pictures.” I watched a bunch, wrote about them, and generally had fun feasting my eyeballs upon all that the motion picture industry had […]

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Darconville’s Cat

When Alexander Theroux wrote Darconville’s Cat, he wove a story of forbidden love and despair while savoring unusual words, multiple methods of narrative, and interspersed bits of humor in the midst of a spiral into oblivion. It’s a highly under appreciated literary work, and if you’re looking for something that most likely nobody else you […]

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