Adventure in the Alps

For our vacation this year, Tracey and I decided to go on a more hike-oriented trip through the Alps. Hitching a ride on one of our My Way Alpine Tours, we packed our bags, left scorching Seattle, and started our adventure in even more scorching Salzburg! The itinerary roughly went East-to-West, and is likely best visualized […]

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Little Life Updates: June 2015 Edition

I guess I didn’t publish anything for two months. Once it gets warm my creativity juices dry up and my motivation levels quickly drop to near-zero levels. There’s also the weird thing with blogging that it mostly fills up a niche where the 140-characters of twitter doesn’t cut it, but you need to have enough content to make writing something […]

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Canadian Adventure

While in the middle of a company Christmas cruise last holiday season, Brian texted a fairly sloshy Nikky and asked if I was up for a week-long trip that started in Montreal and ended in Toronto. Never really one to shy away from a new adventure, I said “sure!” and let the logistics handle themselves. […]

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Creative Commons, Photos, and Me

Back in High School, I briefly flirted with the idea of trying to do something professional with photography. Luckily, I quickly realized this was a fairly terrible idea and decided to focus on cultivating it as a fun hobby that let me pretend I was creative while wielding massive pieces of glass and metal around like […]

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Vancouver BC

Although Seattle is the best city of all time forever, our neighbors are a fun way to experience how other urban areas live the Pacific Northwest life. Tracey and I decided to visit our Northerly neighbor Vancouver for the weekend. After fueling up at Uwajimaya, we caught the last Amtrak Cascades train of the day […]

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Talkin’ About Travel Bags

The classic idea of “backpacking through Europe” ultimately misleads you for the vast majority of the trips we actually take abroad. Unless you plan to spend a few months literally hiking through forests and trees across the continent, it’s likely you aren’t going to be wearing your back for any long period of time. As […]

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It’s no surprise that I consider Homeworld one of the best games of all time, as I’ve posted about it multiple  times  already over the past few years. But what makes it so goddamn amazing? Everything. Everything is the answer to that question. For what it’s worth, this post is based on the original version of […]

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