Pondering on Travel Photos

Note: Yes, it’s another post that was written ages ago and never published! Now revel in the glory of it and the questionable quality within! We’ve all done it: gone on a trip somewhere and then spit out a few hundred snapshots to post online. Except you’ll never look at these again, and nobody else will either. […]

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An Ode to the Breda Trolleybus

Let us pause for a moment to pay tribute to the old workhorses of the King County Metro Trolleybus fleet as they slowly trek towards a well-earned retirement. Originally designed as dual-mode, the 60′ Breda DuoBus 350 has seen more-or-less continual service in Seattle since 1990. Dual mode, you say? Yes! When I was in […]

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Riding U-Link: Observations

Riding the new ULink extension of Sound Transit’s Central Link Light Rail, I went from petting Minerva the cat in Capitol Hill to standing in the UW’s Red Square in 31 minutes. As many others have already stated, this is a transformative stage in our region’s transit network, so I won’t get into too much […]

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Meaning of Light Rail

The opening of Sound Transit’s initial line of Light Rail in 2009 brought plenty of excitement to the transit nerds amongst us, but it also had a large asterisk attached to the service. While travelling from Sea-Tac airport and downtown Seattle was an important milestone in our region’s history, travel north of that area was […]

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The Worst Words

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this post last summer and never got around to actually publishing it because it seemed like a dumb thing to write. However, it felt like a waste to leave it in the hopper to die a slow unpublished death. And I really do hate the word hubby. Anyone who has spent […]

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So I started using a Kindle

For as long as I can remember, I’ve traveled with a book or two. Whether I’m taking the bus to work or spending a few weeks in Europe, there’s always an omnipresent bunch of flattened trees sitting around that I’ll have my eyeballs process. When I was growing up the weekly trip to the library […]

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Reviewing Nikky v2015

Some people post year-end summaries on Facebook. Others type up a letter to be included in a Christmas card. I write belated blog posts. Let’s talk about 2015. Specifically, my 2015. This whole “being an adult” thing continues to largely elude me. Perhaps the thinly cohesive theme to this post is how I’m mostly pretending on […]

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Nikky as a 10 Year Old

Let’s take a look at some recently unearthed photos to discover a bit about what I was like at approximately 10 years old. Sporting a polo shirt (buttoned all the way up!) and a rockin’ haircut, I was clearly the pinnacle peak of 1998 fashion.

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Discovering our Astronomical Past

An ongoing decades-old project to clean out my disorganized archives of childhood found in my old bedroom at my parent’s house reveals all sorts of unusual finds. Deep in one of my closets, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, I found a packet of astronomical photos addressed to one of my cousins. A closer look […]

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Who Programs the Enterprise?

Star Trek: The Next Generation follows the adventures of over a thousand crew members on their highly advanced Galaxy-class USS Enterprise. As flagship of the Federation, she was designed to go on deep-space exploration missions that may involve being out of contact with Starfleet for periods of time We see a lot of pseudo-engineering on the […]

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