Exploring Basque Country

Series so Far This is part two of a five-part series outlining our 2016 Europe trip. Jet lag recovery: Bordeaux, France. Basque Country Tour: Bayonne, France; Pamplona, Spain;  San Sebastián, Spain; Bilbao, Spain. You’re reading this right now! Scotland, pt. 1: Edinburgh, St. Andrews,  and Inverness Scotland, pt. 2: Isle of Skye, Oban, Stirling, and Glasgow Reykjavik September […]

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Bordeaux, France

The Plan Here’s the plan for my next few posts: I divided this trip into five chunks to make these photo essays a little more manageable. Bordeaux, France. You’re reading this right now! Basque Country Tour: Bayonne, France; Pamplona, Spain;  San Sebastián, Spain; Bilbao, Spain Scotland, pt. 1: Edinburgh, St. Andrews,  and Inverness Scotland, pt. 2: […]

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Activity or Whatever

Dear lord. My last post was in May, and when I neglect the blog for long I’m essentially required to make a new Fun and Exciting wrap up of everything I’ve been doing besides writing things. So what have I been occupying my time with? Politics All I really remember from my sophomore year in college […]

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Marsh Island Muck and Birds

While much of the city is currently working themselves into a froth about a few dozen super scary people wearing anonymous masks that may break in a few windows of generic megacorporations, I took the opportunity to head off to the Washington Park Arboretum and check out the local wildlife scene. The island trail was […]

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East Coast Spring 2016

United States history was the theme this year on our spring vacation as we charted a course through Boston, New York City, and Williamsburg, Virginia. Taking the trip to the airport is normally a Bus->Link transfer, but with the new Linkstation completed, we got to ride the train directly from the new station directly to […]

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Pondering on Travel Photos

Note: Yes, it’s another post that was written ages ago and never published! Now revel in the glory of it and the questionable quality within! We’ve all done it: gone on a trip somewhere and then spit out a few hundred snapshots to post online. Except you’ll never look at these again, and nobody else will either. […]

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An Ode to the Breda Trolleybus

Let us pause for a moment to pay tribute to the old workhorses of the King County Metro Trolleybus fleet as they slowly trek towards a well-earned retirement. Originally designed as dual-mode, the 60′ Breda DuoBus 350 has seen more-or-less continual service in Seattle since 1990. Dual mode, you say? Yes! When I was in […]

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