Hey Umbrella Idiots

It’s called rain, retards. You are going to experience this a lot during the next four years. So stop thinking that you avoid the rain using a umbrella… even if it watches your cute coach rainboots. So don’t continue to take up space on a sidewalk with your stupid umbrella, poke people with them when […]

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Check Yourself

Living in a nation which prides itself on the consumption of money and the efficiency in which we recklessly spend it on frivolous items, spending money is no real chore for most of us. When the mighty debit card rolled around supported by telephones to make the task of taking your money away easier and […]

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Facebook Idiots

I get a random friend request yesterday, and not knowing who this person is, I decided to ask. :) Nikky Southerland @11:15pm August 12th Who are you? Joseph @ 11:54pm August 12th Good. Didn’t realize I added you, lol. Just added everyone on my AIM friends list ;) What about you? Last I checked randomly […]

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Irritating Train People

On the way to the #tcpa meetup, Katy, Duncan and I rode an Amtrak train to Portland. We soon realized that there was a lady sitting in front of us who was either a complete idiot or was drunk at 9 in the morning. What follows is but a snippet of her brilliant observations. “I think we’re going under the bridge” […]

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Facebook Whore

So here I am, working on some English homework about how Americans are becoming to view news as nothing more than a form of entertainment, and that the news media is framing it as such,  when suddenly I get a random facebook message email! I don’t know the person who is sending it (a certain Johnny Jones), but it seems he’s an administrator or officer on a facebook group I recently joined. What follows is […]

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