Messing with Trader Joes Customers

The customers at the U-District Trader Joe’s in Seattle are an oddly-stressed bunch of students, employees, and housewives. They’re often terse, slightly confused, and more often than not extremely cranky. So I naturally like to mess with them in small controlled experiments. Here’s one of my favourites. Setup Go to Trader Joe’s in a mid-afternoon […]

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Tugboating “The Freighter”

I haven’t done a wall of shame in a while, but this is too out of whack NOT to post about it. This post probably makes me a bad person. Every few weeks, I take the Seattle->Bremerton ferry to visit my family on the other side of the water. Due to work and scheduling, I […]

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Why I Hate The Post Office

Amazon had me at “free shipping” with the free offer of Prime to students for a year. Quick shipping speed, no minimum price limit, and great prices means that I’m a frequent customer of the US Postal Service insofar as I receive a large number of packets on-time and undamaged. Being a customer of the […]

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Worst Essay Ever

I found this on a site I occasionally troll, and it’s so bad, so flawed, so poorly written… I just had to feature it on the wall of shame. Communism sucks. For all of you who like communism it is time to see why it does not work. Your re-education starts now. First just about […]

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Obamatard Prius Driver

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m a huge Obama supporter. But there’s a difference between a supporter and an “Obamatard.” This difference will be explored in perhaps a later post. So I’m driving into Silverdale to take some wedding pictures, and I had already tolerated a lost person on Grapeview Loop and in Allyn. It […]

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Script Kiddies: 0; Nikky: 1

[18:34:40] < Nikky> firewalls are for wimps [18:35:18] <+TD-Linux> oh wow [18:35:22] <+TD-Linux> Nikky, you’re right [18:35:25] <+TD-Linux> you DON’T use a firewall [18:35:28] <+TD-Linux> <3 nmap [18:35:39] <+TD-Linux> nice netbios! [18:35:47] <+TD-Linux> msrpc… [18:35:49] <+TD-Linux> <3 [18:36:15] < Nikky> I don’t really see your point here [18:36:56] <+TD-Linux> I’ll be nice and not unleash […]

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