Messing with Trader Joes Customers

The customers at the U-District Trader Joe’s in Seattle are an oddly-stressed bunch of students, employees, and housewives. They’re often terse, slightly confused, and more often than not extremely cranky. So I naturally like to mess with them in small controlled experiments. Here’s one of my favourites. Setup Go to Trader Joe’s in a mid-afternoon […]

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Tugboating “The Freighter”

I haven’t done a wall of shame in a while, but this is too out of whack NOT to post about it. This post probably makes me a bad person. Every few weeks, I take the Seattle->Bremerton ferry to visit my family on the other side of the water. Due to work and scheduling, I […]

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Why I Hate The Post Office

Amazon had me at “free shipping” with the free offer of Prime to students for a year. Quick shipping speed, no minimum price limit, and great prices means that I’m a frequent customer of the US Postal Service insofar as I receive a large number of packets on-time and undamaged. Being a customer of the […]

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