Labor and Civil Rights History Archives in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects has an amazing set of historical records, photographs, and newspapers tracing labor and civil rights movements along the West Coast, with focuses on Seattle and San Francisco. Featuring multitude of resources including Labor History Encyclopedia, Communism in Washington State, and Civil Rights Movements in Seattle, there’s a ton of […]

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You Gonna Vote, Brother?

There’s a church about a block down from my apartment in Seattle that I pass on the way to class every day. Usually in the afternoon there will be a pair of african-american older males sitting right outside passing the time. They aren’t panhandling or anything… I suspect they live there and just are taking […]

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Looks like America Lost

So apparentally the flag is at half staff today to honor the victims of a terrorist attack on sovereign US soil. But instead we should redesign the flag. Maybe show the FBI logo instead. Because what it stands for are burning into thin air. No government interference or intrusion into our private business? I can […]

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