World has Changed

Maintaining a blog in the early 2020s is a rather archaic thing, and with all the distractions of social media it’s easy to let writing fall along the wayside. Since my last post, a lot has changed in the world and the Nikky Project has found new love, new hobbies, and a greatly changed view […]

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Improving Writing

The 2000s were when I had it all figured out. I was producing regular posts on my blog Most of the content wasn’t very good, but the zero readers I cultivated never seemed to care. When Twitter started rotting my brain, I paid less attention to writing long-form posts and focused on creating 140 characters […]

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Talk Talk

I was in a rut. After spending the first years of college writing essays while listening to Boards of Canada on repeat, some musical library broadening was called for. With a collection of underrated and eclectic albums, my Aunt and Uncle seemed like a good choice to get musical advice from. I remember spending the […]

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Scandinavia 2017

After touring Berlin, it was off to visit Scandinavia! Over two weeks, we’d visit Sweden, Denmark, and Norway as part of a Rick Steves’ Scandinavia Tour. Was this tour in May 2017? Yes. Am I writing this in September 2018? Yes. Not all of this trip was new territory: I previously explored Stockholm and Copenhagen in 2011. […]

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The Hummingbird

It was one of those perfect afternoons: sunny with a moderate temperature and breeze off Puget Sound. As I stopped off the stairway in front of our office, I had to avoid a small rustling leaf on the sidewalk. Yet it was no ordinary leaf. Stopping and taking a look behind me, I noticed a […]

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Berlin 2017

“Nikky,” you may be asking, “isn’t it 2018?” “Didn’t you go on this trip in May? Are you really eleven months behind on your blog?” Yes. Yes I am. “Doesn’t that mean your memory will be dulled with the passage of time and won’t fully reflect your thoughts on these travels?” Yes it does. Luckily I […]

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Retrotastic Childhood Artifacts

A few summers ago I was trawling through the bedroom where I grew up and trying to clear out and recycle a lot of the magazines, brochures, and pamphlets that I had collected while growing up. Not to dwell on the subject, but I collected a lot of completely worthless pamphlets. Let’s take a look at some […]

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Mr Meanbottom and Others

Trawling through a stack of floppy disks from around 2000, these five lost gems have been located.   Mr. Meanbottom and the assalt of the 1MHz computer, a thriller of a short story. nikkys story about mr. meanbottom and the assalt of the 1 MHz computer   Life before we knew what photoshop was. Featuring me […]

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9/11 in the eyes of an Eighth Grader

Rushing through the commons of middle school as a newly minted eight grader, a friend suddenly rushed up to me and–slightly out of breath–said something akin to “NIKKYITHINKSOMETHINGHITTHETWINTOWERSINNEWYORKIHEARDITONMYALARMCLOCKDIDYOUHEARABOUTIT.” Squinting my eyes, my reaction was bewilderment: I hadn’t heard of anything significant and suspected he had wildly misheard whatever was actually happening. More than anything else, this […]

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