Venting Drive Plasma

I’ve been writing a lot less than I’ve wanted to lately. And reading a lot less than I’ve wanted to. Not to mention gaming, photographing, travelling, hiking and exploring. Ruby? Yeah, I remember I should be doing that too. Dating has been stuck into assorted time slots, and often pushed aside completely when more important things come […]

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Sunny Spring and Super Stuff

I’m not feeling creative This is shaping up to be one heck of a month, and I don’t feel like being creative nor verbose. So we get to see one of my awesome “throw things at the reader” posts that everyone loves! April will kill me Work is just super busy and filled with projects […]

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Written Cacophony of Life

Now presenting a limited edition of “things Nikky wants to say without taking a whole post discussing each one.” Yayyyy. Wee Rex! I got a bunch of awesome comics at ComiCon yesterday, but perhaps best of all, picked up this guy: Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined) Was a Disappointment I know this is doing to disappoint some […]

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Overlord Ruby

Backstory Notwithstanding my foray into TI-BASIC programming on my TI-83+, I got started with coding in the glorious language known as Perl. There’s no real particular reason for this choice, other than that it seemed cooler than PHP at the time. With its esoteric mannerisms and increasing levels of disuse in a technological culture, I […]

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Historic Railroad Hike

Sean, Serene, and I went on a series of hikes this weekend to the Snohomish/Granite Falls area: Lime Kiln and Old Robe Canyon. The former roughly followed an old railway grade, whereas the latter closely traced the ruins of a railway abandoned in the early 1930s as the owners finally gave up trying to maintain […]

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Seahawks Care-O-Meter

Despite my well documented love for Husky Football, I’m usually rather lethargic about the Seahawks. Sure, I’ll watch them when I get the chance, but more often than not I’ll discover that they played when I’m checking the Seattle Times at the end of the day. That doesn’t stop me from offering forth comments about their performance, […]

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Blinders of Compassion

“Nikky Vision” I’ll admit it: I can sometimes get too involved with work and my own life that I can forget that I’m not just one person in this world, but a being living in a collective establishment known as a city. And not just any city, but a population center in world-class city. When […]

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Crime! Theft! Stolen Property!

After debating and discussing the acquisition of televisions for months, Serene and I finally found the willpower and action plan to go to Fry’s and goddamn it, buy TVs so we could play Playstation 3 and watch Netflix until our brains exploded. And by “Netflix” I meant “Deep Space 9.” And it was good. MGS4ing […]

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Real Star Trek

8:31 PM – allynfolksjr: I like how starfleet HQ is in San Fran 8:31 PM – allynfolksjr: and it’s never foggy 8:33 PM – Orbital_Armada: nikky 8:33 PM – Orbital_Armada: the windows are obviously just holos 8:33 PM – Orbital_Armada: they moved underground ages ago 8:33 PM – allynfolksjr: They’re outside 8:33 PM – Orbital_Armada: […]

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