The Worst Words

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this post last summer and never got around to actually publishing it because it seemed like a dumb thing to write. However, it felt like a waste to leave it in the hopper to die a slow unpublished death. And I really do hate the word hubby. Anyone who has spent […]

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Louisiana and Caribbean Cruise

Recently Tracey and I visited New Orleans and went on a 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise. I know you may be shocked at this, but two of our very dear friends were getting married on the ship right before it sailed, and invited anyone who went to the wedding to also go on the cruise with […]

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First Half of 2014 and Travels

Although this blog has been unusually quiet as of late, fear not! I’ve been putting off various posts about the things I’ve been doing and instead combining them into one big “what I’ve been up to since the beginning of the year” update. San Francisco Despite being all over Europe, Tracey had never been to […]

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Nikky 2.0: Nikkybot and Nikky Ipsum

A while back, Travis Evans, a fellow staff member at the project, wrote NikkyBot. It was, as you may imagine, a Markov chain based application that he created to essentially simulate my behavior on TI Graphing Calculator IRC channels. A TI-89 version exists, naturally, but one of the really fun applications of this was […]

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How to Write a Lovecraft Novella

After a rather odd urge to consume some classic horror, I recently finished reading a wide array of H.P. Lovecraft stories. What I mostly discovered is that Lovecraft found a formula that worked well for him, and mostly stuck to it. Here’s how to write your very own Lovecraftian-style horror. Setting Your novella should include one […]

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Tie Ratio

Long long ago, while working in a much different industry sector, I wore ties to work quite often. As this time period  coincided with high school, and more specifically, high school dances, a small tie collection formed. Today I formed a small idea: the ratio of Ties Owned against Total Wears per year. My number? Somewhat […]

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The Cat

A few months ago, Tracey and I introduced a cat into our apartment. Although I never found time to write about it at the time, the whole experience has been a large episode in learning whole new things about animals. It was something we’ve been discussing for a quite a while. Although I may have […]

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High School

When you grow up with the same group of 150 or so people the same age, High School can be a pretty close knit environment. Although I don’t spend too much time thinking about those years, every once in a while I find myself pondering the hypothetical situation where we all, in our current lives, […]

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