Mississippi River Delta

While we were enjoying dinner on the last night of our cruise, our ship was preparing to enter the Mississippi River Delta. Night fell we as silently glided by the offshore oil rigs, and soon a well-light Pilot boat appeared from the distance. Hurrying to the front of the Carnival Dream, I stood on the 6th […]

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Site Funkiness

If you can read this, congratulations! After maintaining my own Linux webserver since 2006, I’ve decided to move my blog over to WordPress.com for hosting. Lots of reasons went into this decision, mostly involving time spent maintaining an application stack (PHP + MySQL) that I’m not actively working on any longer.

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Louisiana and Caribbean Cruise

Recently Tracey and I visited New Orleans and went on a 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise. I know you may be shocked at this, but two of our very dear friends were getting married on the ship right before it sailed, and invited anyone who went to the wedding to also go on the cruise with […]

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Exploring Eastern Europe: Slovenia

Finished with Croatia, we continued onto the neighboring country of Slovenia. Sharing a past that had both Slovenia and Croatia as part of a much larger Yugoslavia, Slovenia is now independent and a member of the EU. We were quickly finding out that these countries all shared a common trait: water. They all have a lot […]

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Exploring Eastern Europe: Croatia

A new country, a new currency. Although currently being integrated within the Eurozone and Schengen Area, Croatia still used the kuna, and we still had to go through passport control between Hungary and Croatia. This is also the first of two countries where our T-Mobile international roaming data plan wouldn’t work, leaving us bereft of […]

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