Improving Writing

The 2000s were when I had it all figured out. I was producing regular posts on my blog Most of the content wasn’t very good, but the zero readers I cultivated never seemed to care.

When Twitter started rotting my brain, I paid less attention to writing long-form posts and focused on creating 140 characters devoid of nuance or deep thoughts. The blog turned into a dumping ground for large vacation posts. I slapped together a few thousand words, some photographs, and called it good. Only a very brief spell checking was applied before hitting “Publish.” Lazy writing took over.

I now understand the frustration of my teachers. The accusation that I’ve been a lazy writer is not a new one. Evaluating my work I find that it’s full of mistakes. When I wasn’t mixing tenses, I was misusing words in a sneaky new way. The joy of finishing was so overpowering that I neglected the process along the way.

Once a week I’ll be writing a blog post. Instead of focusing on quantity, I’ll be focusing on quality. Words won’t be thrown together in poorly constructed sentences, and I’ll spend time thinking about what I want to say. There’s no expectation that this will be compelling content. I’m starting at the basics: just writing down everything that comes to my mind in the first draft, saving it, and then coming back later that day with a fresh mind to edit, organize, and finish it.

This initiative won’t follow a set theme, layout, or length. I’ll write about topics that I find interesting and hope you’ll find them worthwhile. If you have any suggestions or corrections in any post, please leave a comment. I’d appreciate feedback!

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