Activity or Whatever

Dear lord. My last post was in May, and when I neglect the blog for long I’m essentially required to make a new Fun and Exciting wrap up of everything I’ve been doing besides writing things.

So what have I been occupying my time with?


All I really remember from my sophomore year in college is living in the dorms and watching Hardball with Chris Matthews constantly as we held onto every shard of news and analysis of the Clinton/Obama Democratic primary. The general election appeared with exactly zero loss of momentum, and by the time the actual vote came along, any interest I had in politics came to a screeching halt.

And then 2016 happened. Trump Happened. And I’ve been sucked right back into every shred of news and analysis. Spare time now consists of reading the New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, Politico, and twitter. Twitter has completely taken over my life and I mostly only do other things when there’s a lull in the action and/or the internet is broken.


We’ve been to a few weddings this summer, which is a few more than usual.

The first was a lovely low-key affair with my dear friend Serene and her lovely husband Brian. Held in their cozy backyard, we sat on pillows and ate vegan food during a nice summer evening.

Lego representation of the ceremony.

The second was a complete contrast, held at the Washington State Capitol House of Representatives. My aforementioned sophomore college roommate Brian got married to his wife Amber, and I even wore a tuxedo since I was in the wedding party!

Groom Brian, Best Man Justin, and Assistant Goon Nikky



Eyeballs and Earholes

When not beaming political things into my face, I spent some time exploring the wonderful games XCOM2 and Orbital Trading Company. The former is an outstanding turn-based tactical strategy game, and the latter is a real time economic strategy game. They’re both outstanding.

Since we last spoke, the best book I read was The Martial Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. They’re a fun and quirky collection of Science Fiction, and a lovely way to spend a few commutes on the bus.

Cat Wrangling

She’s a fierce predator

Basque Tour

Immediately after the wedding of Brian and Amber, Tracey and I headed off to the Basque region for a Rick Steves’ tour of the area. There’s going to be more posts and pictures about that later, but the hot take is that it’s a pretty swell region.

Hiking in Basque Country

Sunny Scotland

After the Basque tour, we were off to Scotland to rendezvous with Brian and Amber for a two week roadtrip through Scotland. Despite the rumors of near constant rain on the west coast and highlands, it was sunny skies and beautiful weather throughout the entire trip. Thanks for nothing, rain pants.

There’ll be a post about this too at some point.

Neist Point Lighthouse



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