Nikky as a 10 Year Old

Let’s take a look at some recently unearthed photos to discover a bit about what I was like at approximately 10 years old. Sporting a polo shirt (buttoned all the way up!) and a rockin’ haircut, I was clearly the pinnacle peak of 1998 fashion.

Nikky 10 years old
Background – Calabro/Johnson – Sonic Announcers

We liked going to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma. I think it was mostly the allure of being able to sit in the streetcar. We were so close this time!


My room had spurts being far too messy before magically appearing suspiciously clean after much gnashing of teeth. Turns out I just shoved all of the stuff I didn’t want to deal with in my closers. My sister is hanging out on my bed with Percy the cat.

Of particular interest is the ballin’ lego train set with a port crane and some Native American teepees. Legos are truly genre-spanning in their gloriousness.

Nikky also had a odd fascination with signs, as you can see on the window. And finally, the OG Rainbow flag windsock.


Sometimes we went to science museums and hung out in the Boeing Company Rocket Climb.


Our grandmother visited a lot.


When we weren’t hanging out with our parents, Nina and I got to stay with our Aunt and Uncle.


We spent a lot of time in the garden. Or in this case, the recently-planted garden behind Grandma.


I’m pretty sure we helped mom with the planting sometimes. Hopefully.


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