Seattle Mariners 1995 ALDS Radio Call

Almost twenty years ago on October 8th, 1995, the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees were in a pivotal game 5 of an American League Divisional Playoff. After falling behind in the series 2-0, the Mariners fought back to tie it at two games each. In front of the home crowd, the Mariners came back to tie the game in the 9th inning and force it into overtime.

The game, of course, features one of the most well-known radio calls in Seattle history as Edgar Martinez hit “The Double” to win the series.


The local radio call was handled by Dave Niehaus. Finding a copy of the precise call isn’t difficult, but I always wanted to get the local radio broadcast of the entire game. Turns out this quest wasn’t impossible, but it involved ordering a series of cassettes from a fellow over on the East Coast. Following some delightful conversion of these tapes into digital, you too can listen to prelude to the call.

I started this clip in the middle of the 9th inning, when the Mariners pulled their starting pitcher and replaced him with Randy Johnson.

If you’re impatient, the bottom of the 11th inning starts at 49:00.


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