Life ‘n Things: September 2015 Edition

I seem to have acquired a new trait: writing draft posts and then never actually completing and/or publishing the. The canonical answer seems to be that I wrote them mostly for my own cathartic reasons, and they weren’t very interesting for anyone else. This is perhaps true.

While I’m working on my long-form post regarding our trip to the Alps in August, it’s time for a recent “things I’ve been up to and stuff” post.

Talos Principle

I’ve been playing the hell out of The Talos Principle recently. If you like puzzle games with a fairly nuanced plot that deals about the philosophy of AIs and the end of the world for humanity, it’s highly recommended. The puzzles are challenging, the voice acting superb, and graphics beautiful. Somewhat rare for a game now, Talos features a large number of easter eggs that are fun to discover and experience.

Photo Editing

I’ve found it’s a particular challenge to try to pare down a huge number of trip photos into an album that’s not only interesting to me, but maybe to other people as well. An average of around 10 photos a day seems to be a pretty good average, but man, it’s certainly difficult.


Our tricolor male corgi puppy named Sherwood, alas, did not come to pass. The breeder we were talking with had always warned us that it’s possible he would take up to two puppies for himself. However, days before our actual time to pick up the dog, he announced he would take five puppies for himself, including both male tricolors.

So uh, no dog for us right now. It’s quite disappointing after ten weeks of getting updates, viewing photos, and even visiting the puppies.

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