Exploring Eastern Europe: Slovakia

Slovakians are the country cousins of the industrial Czechs. Once mashed together into Czechoslovakia by the Soviets, these regions have once again split off into independent nations.

We didn’t spend much time in Slovakia: only a few hours between Poland and Hungary in the Tatra Mountains.

Despite our short time there, we did make some notable discoveries.

2014-09-28 09.51.08

We remembered about Kinder Eggs, the forbidden fruit of Americans! All-Strawberry packs of Mentos are commonly sold!


There were some cool-as-hell mountains too.


Our tour group. The demographics are just about what you’d expect.


Whoohoo scenic beauty.

Before leaving Slovakia, we stopped for a picnic lunch at Levoča , a small town that is remarkable for its largely intact defensive ring wall that protects the city. After some sandwiches, Tracey and I explored the UNESCO world heritage site by ducking and dodging around the walls.

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