Constructing a Standing Desk

During a few weeks between jobs last September, one of my projects was to replace my traditional desk with a self-constructed standing desk.

Rather than starting from scratch, I decided to base the desk off of a design that used adjustable legs and a TV table from IKEA. What drew me to this particular desk is that the table provided a very nice shelf to hold all of the things that my regular desk would no longer be housing, such as writing materials and headphones.

Assembly went more-or-less as expected, and I added the DIODER LED 4-piece lighting set under the bottom of the lower desk surface. With the control unit on the shelf, I could provide a nice colorful glow towards the ground emanating  from the desk in whatever color I choose, although it mostly is set in the gently-cycling color changing pattern.

Finally, a FRANKLIN bar stool was added so I could sit down if I really wanted to.

Desk with blue light
Matching the desk color with the computer fan color.


Eight months later, I’m generally pleased with the results. The base is sturdy enough to carry a fairly heavy load with the monitors, keyboard, and other equipment. If you’re looking for a swell project that won’t take more than a couple of hours, this would be a great desk to make.

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