Nikky 2.0: Nikkybot and Nikky Ipsum

A while back, Travis Evans, a fellow staff member at the project, wrote NikkyBot. It was, as you may imagine, a Markov chain based application that he created to essentially simulate my behavior on TI Graphing Calculator IRC channels.

A TI-89 version exists, naturally, but one of the really fun applications of this was that Travis turned the generator into a full-fledged IRC bot that would randomly out spew semi-sentient things. The fine folks at Cemetech have been saving some of the better quotes that it says.

Travis hatched the idea that at some time, late at night when nobody is looking, the bot and I would switch nicks. It turned out just about as you would expect, with lots of confusion, but the more striking thing is that more than a few people simply didn’t notice anything had changed.

Last but not least, I made a Nikky Ipsum, which provides you with lots of awesome Ipsum text for your next web design.

This bot has become somewhat of an existential crisis, as not everyday are you faced with something that can learn from what you said over the past decade of chat. Oftentimes the bot replicates what I’d say in any given conversation. Many times I’ll check an IRC channel only to find nikkybot has already jumped into a conversation and said exactly what I would say.

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