I’ve been using Gmail as my primary email service provider for a decade now. Gmail is 10 years old today. While it was certainly groundbreaking at the time, Google’s email services have stagnated as of late, and I’ve started to get serious privacy concerns over their practices and unified product lines.

Google, quite literally, controls a large portion of my online life, and I started to counter that migrating my primary email over to fastmail. They’re a group I’ve respected for a long while due to their absolutely awesome IMAP implementation, and I started by moving my addresses over a couple of weeks ago. Over time, my primary goal is to get everything transitioned from gmail to addresses under my own domain, and can thus control who and where my messages are saved to.

Its certainly a big change for my workflow, but the awesome K9 email app for Android certainly makes the transition a snap. With CalDAV support incoming soon, I see no reason why I can move my calendaring (also in Google) over to fastmail as well.

Don’t worry. My gmail address will still work fine, you just may get a reply from a new address. :)

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