The Angst of Touring

One of the perks for working where I do is that I can hop on any of our many tours for free, and my significant other can go as well for essentially very little cost. I figured it may be a good idea to see what our tours are all about since they’re a significant portion of our company and I spend much of my time working on ways to make our business operation software run smoother.

So Tracey and I signed up for the Eastern Europe in 16 days tour. We’ve been throughout Western Europe fairly thoroughly, but neither of us have been to (or spent any significant portion of time) in Eastern Europe. This comes with some angst, however. I’ve always been very much a DIY traveler, and the idea of being a member in a tour group (you know, those people) is a very new idea.

I look forward to seeing what we have to offer, and certainly start exploring Eastern Europe. We have plenty of free time before and after the tour, as well as during, so I hope to get lots of good exploration in without getting too entrenched in the tour group culture.

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