High School

When you grow up with the same group of 150 or so people the same age, High School can be a pretty close knit environment. Although I don’t spend too much time thinking about those years, every once in a while I find myself pondering the hypothetical situation where we all, in our current lives, suddenly had to spend a week in high school again.

How would we act? Would we still hang out with the same people?  Could we hold intellectual discussions that we never could as teenagers? What if high school is just as terrifying at 26 as it was at 16?

The morning after graduation, with our bleary eyes heavy from lack of sleep, the final activity of grad night was getting all of us in a cozy room for some last words. As our eyes scanned the room, we were told that this was the last time we’d all be together as a cohort. We’re all different people now, but I’d like to think that the shared growing up we did and the bonds we shared still persist as imperceptible tendrils in our personalities.

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