The Hat

While getting off the bus in Montlake Terrace, I was mostly distracted by the slight rain and bitter cold that I was about walk into, when I noticed something familiar. It was the hat. A well-worn leather hat. I recognized it immediately, and was thrilled to see that I recognized the owner as well: a former colleague of mine at UW-IT, and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It was a chance encounter at a bus stop, and only lasted a minute or two before we went off our separate ways, but it struck me how we spend years at a particular job and institution forging cordial and professional relationships with the people you see for the majority of your week, and then when you make a change, it’s likely you’ll never see or talk to them again. We’re a species of ephemeral friendships. And I’m not sure if I’m fully comfortable with the implications of that.

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