Thoughts on blogging

Through one form or another, I’ve maintained this site for almost a decade. For this entire duration, I’ve used many names for my blog, and I’ve even switched platforms once or twice. However, what never has changed is that it continues to be active and survives to this day. When I started writing, I was halfway through my high school years, with an odd sense of the world and a chip off my shoulder. Over the years I’ve calmed and the posts have been less frequent as I’ve seen other hobbies and interests come and go.

I’ve always seen this site as an open journal as I experience the world. Preserving history, no matter how insignificant, is still a goal worth pursuing, and I ultimately find it interesting and worthwhile to keep track of my interests and thoughts as the years go on. Not only is it fun to go back and read embarrassing angst-filled posts of years past, I hope that it can serve as some sort of chronicle of my life for future generations. One of the amazing relics that our family has is a book that my great-uncle wrote about his life, and I hope that one day this serves a similar functionality.

This is a journal, but it’s one in which I invite others to share in. I write about things that care enough about, and the result can often be a rough and mostly unedited brain dump. I don’t make any pretenses about what’s being presented, but I’m proud of what’s been written so far. My writing background has had many twists and turns, and you can often see hints of my different writing styles: liberal arts academic, technical writing, and public relations. They all combine and re-appear seemingly at will, and I don’t understand it the end results.

There’s always a value in putting your thoughts down on (electronic) paper. If nothing else, do it for your future self.


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