Autumn 2013

Lo and behold, another few months have almost come and gone. Here’s some snippets of my life.

Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack

I assembled a list of the Dumb and Dumber movie soundtrack on Google Play. This makes me incredibly happy. And embarrassed. But mostly happy.

Washington Football

I’m sick and tired of losing to Oregon. Unfortunately, I don’t see how we can catch up to them unless we decided to dump a billion dollars into the football program, which is something that I just can’t accept. Athletics are meant to supplement the college experience, not be the college experience.

New Job: going well!

After a month or so at my new job: I’m liking it! We’re a small development team in an awesome company. I get to have my hands all over the application stack, which makes me happy, and we have the freedom to implement solutions as we see fit. It’s pretty swell.

Irish Roadtrip

Some friends and I are going to take a week-long Irish roadtrip later this year. It should be a fun adventure as we get to drive in Europe and navigate without much cellular phone support.

Digital Apollo

The Apollo Guidance Computer is an amazing piece of technology. I recently read Digital Apollo, which is an outstanding look at the design and use of the AGC.


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