Joys and excitement of moving; again

Finding an apartment that I like has always been somewhat of an arcane process for me. It has to be unique, awesome, and perfectly suited for my habitation through criteria that are poorly understood and even more poorly defined. Yet I always, more-or-less, end up finding a place that fits most of what I’m looking for in a decent location. Which means, of course, that these are places that are invariably one year away from being sold as condos and leaving me scurrying for yet another apartment.

Over the weekend, while trying to relax a bit in our neighbor city of Portland, Oregon, I received an email from our landlord. It seems one of the owners of our apartment had died and they decided they needed to sell it. Now, we weren’t planning to be in here forever, but having to move out in July was a bit sooner than I had anticipated: we were going to go month-to-month until Autumn/Winter and then find a new shell to habituate.

But alas, my already stressed life had yet another stress added to it: the fun and excitement of not only finding a new place, but even scarier, packing and moving to it. Our current landlord cut us a deal: whereas our lease was up in the middle of July, we could change it and get a rather large financial bonus if we moved out beforehand. Combined with the idea that the sooner we moved the better, Tracey did a huge amount of work to find places to view. I truly can’t thank her enough for her doing this task, and just six days after our original notice, we found an awesome place!

Never fear, it’s still on Capitol Hill (in even a cooler location than where we are now), and we’ll have a huge housewarming party when we’re all settled in.


Now I just need to pack in between my Rails Projects, tidying up my résumé, and trying to keep my head above water for just a few more months. Right? RIGHT.

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