Vending Fun

And sometimes, I do this.

It was a dark grey and thoroughly rainy Monday afternoon at the UW
Tower when unassuming employee 123123, working on his performance
review mere hours before it was due, decided to partake in a rare
cookie break. Deploying to the fourth floor vending machines, Nikky
spotted the ever delicious “Famous Amos” cookies in the vending
machine. They aren’t exactly “ever delicious” as I may have described
in my previous sentence, but they are byte-sized, contain chocolate,
and aren’t completely terrible. Pulling out his Husky Card of Justice,
Nikky swiped the vending machine’s card reader with the well-practiced
effort honed in while living at McMahon hall for two years, entered in
the proper number for these snacks, and waited.

After a few second of rather indecisive action by the vending machine,
it beeped a flat tone to specify that a transaction was complete, and
went along its merry way. Unfortunately, no cookies dropped. Were the
Powers of Chaos afoot?

After a brief moment of re-evaluation of my options and the fact that
all of the other choices were even less tasty, I did the only thing a
red-blooded American could do: swipe my card again and order another
package of “Famous Amos” cookies with the hope that I would get two
packages of cookies the second time. The vending machine, which was
clearly channeling some dark creature (Cthulhu?) made even less of an
effort to dispense with a product.

No cookies were dispensed to Nikky this day, and by the second time
the vending machine failed to produce cookies, I had decided that I
should cut my losses and get something tasty on the Ave instead.

Please refund the Husky Card Account for employee 123123 $3.00.
I’ve attached a picture of the cookie slot after my second failed

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