Group One Reports Enemy Contact

As I just wrote about, Homeworld is one of my favorite games for a multitude of reasons. Another aspect that makes this piece memorable is the voice acting of your Mothership, which is handled by the Canadian folk singer Heidi Ernest of the band The Western Investor. She provides a calming voice with a hint of ever present loss and the crushing responsibilities that have now befallen her character while directing the activities of the fleet that is now under her command. Extracting these files was no easy task. They were packed in a proprietary container that needed to be extracted using tools originally written for Windows ME; after slogging through a bunch of dependencies and managing to get the program to run, I had 5000 files in another proprietary format that required me to install and use an ancient WinAmp plugin. Converting them to wav files commenced from there, and after an hour or two of work I finally had a few thousand files to my name with absolutely no titles other than an ordered number. Here are a few of my favorites; please excuse the audio quality: the initial bitrate of these files is pretty atrocious.

Frigate Lost

Whenever a frigate-class or larger ship is destroyed, a status message is overheard.

Kharak is Burning

Played after discovering their home planet was utterly destroyed by a previously unknown group of enemies.

Marshaling the Fleet

Mothership is Under Fire

The Mothership, while tough, is relatively defenseless other than a few point-defense cannons.

Combat Group Status Reports

As various combat groups ply the wastelands of space, reports filter in from the Mothership coordinating their missions.

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