Life, Drafts, and Awesome Internet Things

Draft Addiction

So I have this really bad habit of beginning to write something that I eventually intend to post, and dutifully prepend the page name with “Draft -,” only to never fully return to the post again.  Sometimes I lose my interest, occasionally it will be no longer relevant, but most of the time I find that the very act of writing the post makes it no longer awesome and worthy to share in my view.

This is a great thing, I think. Because while I do have a rather low editorial bar for this blog, I do have one, and this probably spares everyone lots of weird things that aren’t interesting, exciting, funny, or even remotely relevant.

Here’s some draft titles that you’re being spared:

  • Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips
  • On Leadership
  • Open Source and OS X: The quandary of using closed tools
  • Seattle Rain
  • Staying Interested and Engaged


I also have many commentaries with regards to Science Fiction novels and shows that I’ve been writing.

Life Updates

So I guess it’s time to have some general life updates.

Trip Change

My planned trip to Norway and Belgium that was supposed to be occurring right now was delayed until April, and changed the destination to going on a countryside tour between Paris and Barcelona.

Ruby Stuff

After realizing I’ve been out of the classroom for two years now, I decided to sign up for a certificate class in Ruby (and Rails) programming. Because why not?

Other Awesome Things

Here’s some cool things that I’ve stumbled upon. These are mostly subjects that I’ll re-read about every six years, and have been doing so since the beginning of wikipedia. I’ll post more as I remember/stumble upon others again.

Xeer – An entirely organic legal system that comes from Somalia. Seriously just read about it okay.

Raymond A. Spruance This was a really quiet and awesome guy who basically won the Battle of Midway and other naval battles in the Pacific Campaign of WWII. Only two books about him exist, and I’m reading them both.

Duga-3 – Also known as the Russian Woodpecker. Just an awesome Soviet over-the-horizon radar. I knew about it before it was in Stalker.

White Alice Communications System – A cool troposcatter comm line that was used in Alaska.





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