Moving away from Pike/Pine

I usually get pretty sentimental when I’m moving out of a residence. Apartments inherently private spaces that are odd in that once we move out of them, we’re rarely ever going to go back inside to reminisce or see how it has changed since we’ve been gone. Our two distinct paths suddenly collide, we move in to the building, and then go upon our separate ways. The apartment stays behind as the modular unit where someone else will take over, and the resident goes to (hopefully) greener pastures. Still, there are shared experiences and memories that stay behind.

For my apartment of three years with Eddy in the U-District, I still have fond memories of our huge drunken 23rd birthday party, and of the hours spent playing Super Smash Brothers. Many were the times where Tom and I played Mass Effect 2 long into the night on the projector before Eddy came back with offerings of “mexican” food to shove into our mouths. It was where I spent my last years as an undergrad, and learned the complexities of renting and living in a city while away from the dorms. I remember staying up unable to move after my surgery, and spending hours reading up on what was impacting me. Then we went our separate ways, and I ended up at the confluence between Pike/Pine and Capitol Hill.

It was a quaint complex of small old houses that were converted into small apartments, and I choose a unit that was in a building with only 4 other single-bedroom and studio apartments. There was a small courtyard, lots of chickadees, and my corner bedroom had a half (vertical) view of the Space Needle. Yet it was an unnerving place, and I never really spent much time in my living room. I think it was partially because of a huge shared wall that it contained, and also that it didn’t offer anything that my bedroom didn’t.

Then, of course, it was broken into. And my psyche, as well as the living room window, was shattered. I quickly covered it in curtains and never really opened them again.

There aren’t really any other memories of that apartment. It was mainly me hiding in my living room while thinking of when I can move out after my lease was up. Pike/Pine was a cool enough place, and the surrounding areas were good, but I’m not really sad to see that apartment go. There are very little good memories attached to it, and I’m at a much cooler place while still on the Hill. yayyy.

2 thoughts on “Moving away from Pike/Pine

  1. But. But. But.

    Risk! Ikea trips! Grilled cheese sandwiches!

    *Okay, maybe you are right. The obvious answer is that you never had a housewarming party. DUH.


    1. You’re right! I forgot about Risk.

      And, yeah. No housewarming party. I meant to do it, but the time I had a couch, I had already been there like 6 months.


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