Twenty-Four and Awesome?

I recently turned twenty-four, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I can no longer pretend that I’m just out of college, and I’m not quite ready to become that delightful mid-twenties personality that we all wish that we turned into when we settle into life as enlightened adults. This last year has been one of new travels and experiences: both positive and negative.

This mid-mid-life crisis, or quarter-life crisis, as some may say, is something that I think a lot of post-grads are experiencing, but not frequently acknowledged. We’re ready to take on the world with our diplomas and sense of freedom, but realize that maybe our goals are a little bit further away than what we thought, our future just a little unclear, and out path not quite clear yet. The sense of regulation and controlled order, once disliked, is something that we occasionally look back with longing.

<insert generic ending statement here>

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