Sunny Spring and Super Stuff

I’m not feeling creative

This is shaping up to be one heck of a month, and I don’t feel like being creative nor verbose. So we get to see one of my awesome “throw things at the reader” posts that everyone loves!

April will kill me

Work is just super busy and filled with projects this month. I’ve known that it will be a fun April, but there’s an issue when I’m already burning out and turning to coffee and it’s barely the second week.


My first Ruby script is in production use! I was looking to replace an aging Perl script at work that basically sends bulk email in a handy way, and keeps nice logs to track it all by. It’s certainly not a complicated script, and I know that there’s a lot I can improve, but I always feel like the first working script from scratch is the hardest. Sweet.

Emitown is AMAZING

The new comic I started reading after ECCC was Emitown. And it. Is. Super. Her seemingly random observations about life really let you get a glimpse about what’s going on inside her mind, and her drawings are adorably awesome. This is my new favorite thing.

Android 4.0

After finally getting completely fed up with Verizon being buttholes and not updating the 4G Xoom to Android 4, I got around to learning how to unlock, root, and install a custom rom on my tablet. 4.0.4 is running silky smooth, and ICS looks beautiful on a tablet.

Cool Story

I rate this post two out of four stars.

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