Written Cacophony of Life

Now presenting a limited edition of “things Nikky wants to say without taking a whole post discussing each one.” Yayyyy.

Wee Rex!

I got a bunch of awesome comics at ComiCon yesterday, but perhaps best of all, picked up this guy:

Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined) Was a Disappointment

I know this is doing to disappoint some folks, and I’m sorry. But I don’t like BSG. I tried to like the new series. I really did. The first season was, for the most part, great television. The special effects were spot-on, the plots had healthy doses of science fiction elements, the characters were well done, and the cinematography was wonderfully gritty. Then the second season started, and the writers basically admitted that they were totally out of ideas. The awesome idea that their ancestors left behind relics to help their race eventually go back home was blown to pieces in favor of some religious adventure. Baltar was an embarrassment, Starbuck’s character development was a utter joke, and the story eventually spiraled into a cylon hunt. And not even a good one. First season? On par with the great Sci-Fi series of our generation. Seasons two through four? A drama that just so happened to be set in space.

Dogs + Cats

While walking to Trader Joe’s today, I noticed a few dogs leashed up outside restaurants on the Hill while their owners were presumably inside. The look on their faces led me to conclude only one thing: our canine friends are completely and utterly sad when they aren’t with their owners. Cats, on the other hand, don’t seem to really care who or where the owners are.

Chris Jude is an Asshole

At the Emerald City ComiCon yesterday, Serene and I made it an absolute goal to see George Takei, so we went to the room where he was going to have a panel plenty early. And by “early” I meant “arrived at 4:10 for a 5:00 panel.” The current guest was Christopher Jude, who was in Stargate. Now, I’m not a huge Stargate fan and only watched the first few seasons, but I respect the show as a good science fiction series and it did a lot of really cool stuff. I just never really got into it, so I didn’t really have any vested interest in SG1 or his reflections on the series. However, I thought that listening to him may have inspired me to pick up the series again. Turns out I was really wrong. He came off as a swarmy jerk who insulted his fans and tried to play it off like he was kidding. It takes a lot of courage for nerds to actors of their favorite shows questions, and to totally belittle them was an absolute disgrace.

George Takei is Awesome

Takei is just a righteous dude. He’s intelligent, insightful, and it was a real pleasure listening to him.


Flowers are awesome. If you don’t like flowers, you’re not a human.


The best food known to mankind are organic Strawberries, and I will fight someone if they say otherwise. YOU HEAR ME? IT’S ALL ABOUT STRAWBERRIES.

Quote I’ve been Thinking about Today

“I’m not afraid of pain anymore. It’s the days I don’t feel a thing I fear.”

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