Overlord Ruby


Notwithstanding my foray into TI-BASIC programming on my TI-83+, I got started with coding in the glorious language known as Perl. There’s no real particular reason for this choice, other than that it seemed cooler than PHP at the time. With its esoteric mannerisms and increasing levels of disuse in a technological culture, I started shifting away from my Perl-maintained sites and scripts. The natural successor was PHP. I’ve always gotten along with PHP relatively well, but after doing procedural work in it for so long, shifting to the new OO paradigm in PHP hasn’t been as awesome as I would have liked it to be.

Post-Graduation Project

Realizing that I’d quickly become bored after graduation, I decided that it would be a fun and useful project to start picking up a new language. For consideration I looked into Python and Ruby, but for various reasons that I won’t go into much detail: Ruby was the winner as it was elegant and seemed to be a worthy successor to the strong text processing abilities that made Perl relevant for so long.

Unstable Progress

Whenever I have a free day, I’ll pick up a Ruby tutorial and start going forward on learning before quickly hitting a wall known as “something else to do” or “I need to do this now, so I’ll use PHP/Perl instead of learning Ruby.” Clearly this needs to stop and I should get my head in the game. I was always distracted when working on my desktop, and one of the main reasons I went for a new laptop that has such a high screen resolution is so I can easily have multiple terminals and a reference document open at once.

The laptop is here, and it’s time to begin the journey for reals this time.

Bug Me

I’m keeping a repository of whatever I’m working on with Ruby on my Bitbucket account. Eventually it will be cooler, until then, annoy me if it hasn’t been updated in a while. I’ll respond to annoying things.

One thought on “Overlord Ruby

  1. We should totally set up a once-a-week coding day for ourselves. Accountability worked for racquetball — surely it could work for Ruby too. Bauhaus, Metrix, wherever: think about it.


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